this place is about images(light) and words(letters).

There is a story behind and about every photograph and some words with an image

help “situate the situation”.

Other times all the story you’ll need to see is in the

photograph, no words needed.



Light and Letters

a place not for the thinking impaired…

don’t exhale take a breath.

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  1. someone’s got his blog going.


  2. it’s about images and the stories that go with them, and who better to put the two together

  3. Sorry, Frank, but you know how “computer technology challenged” I am. Blog? What is that?
    Some sort of hot drink for the Christmas season?

  4. Way to go frank……

  5. I completely agree. No more words need. This “motto” always stays very close to my pictures while I hope tha same for all the photographer. Marco

  6. Qbaby…that would be “grog” and most pirates never need a
    reason or season to drink it.
    Just so you know I don’t like the word “blog” much.

  7. excellent vision – keep sharing your gifts.

  8. I love your photographs. You inspired me to a whole new level! keep shooting.

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