film or digital?

knowing who you are and who you are not, balance

get to know who you are and who you are not. balance

What came first, a chicken or the egg? I don’t care. But I know who crossed the road first.

The chicken, eggs do not have legs. To learn anything you first have to understand it and

the “legs” of photography is light. When you begin to understand light it doesn’t matter if

you’re film or digital you will have a great set of “legs” to stand on.

Artificial Light: supplied by you and should always be completely controllable by YOU.

small on-camera flash, studio strobe, tungsten, Kino-Flo daylight fluorescent, flashlight,

candles,and incandesent bulb.

Available Light: sunlight supplied everyday and often not the way YOU want it and can

change without warning.

Sunlight, no clouds, with clouds, smog, dust, Moonlight and open shade.

The bottom line, light is light you should be able to control one and get the other to have

the look you want.

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