fear ©frank jackson 2009

fear ©frank jackson 2009

we spend most of our lives trying to be

something else

maybe even

somebody else.


in a clear moment

you find yourself

(somebody you must learn to love even when it seems no one else does)

…in small ways everything is a collection of gestures toward REALITY.


to believe the truth can be fear in it’s true form

to believe the truth is to also admit we

can no longer be strangers to reality……….

and that is the most frightening thing in the world.

WHAT are you afraid of?:

who you are

who you want to be

who you will never be or

who you have become.


don’t make the world go ’round

fear does.

maybe never being enough

for ourselves.

who do you love

what do you love

can you love

DO you love….

f. jackson 1996

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  1. Becoming who we really are means going into the light… touching it… feeling it… seeing it…

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