a pause before "le noise" ©frank jackson 2011


no turntables AND A MICRO PHONE!! ©frank jackson 2011

daddy the earplugs...you promised me!©frank jackson 2011

the party is over...early ©frank jackson 2011

boom chaka laka laka BOOM, dance! ©frank jackson 2011

and the crowd goes wild! ©frank jackson 2011

aaaaaaaHHHHHHHhhhhhhhHHHHHHH!? ©frank jackson 2011

grandma forgets to bring a mic...again ©frank jackson 2011

un dîner tranquille pendant le "bruit"* ©frank jackson 2011

* a quiet dinner during the “noise”

le "noise" ©frank jackson 2011

le pain ©frank jackson 2011

le voyeur ©frank jackson 2011

*The 21 June is the right to make any kind of music all night as loud as you want… it is both wonderful

and wonderfully annoying at the same time…pray they never allow this anywhere you live close too.

…but in the end it is cool to witness this at least once or twice.




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