good morning SUNSHINE in Berlin ©frank jackson 2011

(* a good morning but a bad night)

As a general rule when I go out “wandering”, I am mostly putting myself out there to be found…

…to say it simply: it really doesn’t matter to me whether I find an image or it finds me.

If I get ONE good image on a given day a I am completely content with this single moment of

my visual waltz.

FJ  summer in Berlin

Brandenburger Tor ©frank jackson 2011

"the cup" on break at Star*uck's ©frank jackson 2011

Those who really know me also know that I am serious about really good coffee. That being

said they also know I am NOT a big fan of Star*uck’s Coffee…but I have found that if I need

to take a break, go on the internet, or remind myself what bad coffee is then you will find me

in a Star*uck’s in europe.

This particular Star*ucks had air conditioning and played really great jazz music…the view

wasn’t bad either.

…remember if you gotta dance with the devil hopefully you’ll get to pick the music!

FJ at Star*uck’s by Brandenbuger Tor with “the cup” in Berlin

kisses ‘y all

"the cup" and eye ©frank jackson 2011

C/O Berlin 1945-1955 Exhibition ©frank jackson 2011

…this is what can happen when valet parking get TOO creative.

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